This site is alarmingly self-centred. If you want world-shaking philosophy, you won't find it here. If you want to know more about me, read on!

I created this site because I found I was doing the same things over again - sending people the same links, uni projects, photos. This site is essentially a clearing house for all those things.

Me: Stop! If you are looking for "unshaven erotica" thats, not here. I do not post my pics on yahoo groups, naked or otherwise! If you still want to know about me - read on. I live on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. I work as a university lecturer in information technology and multimedia, and I also work on multimedia projects.

I like: honesty, genuine people, music (playing and listening), walks/sitting on the beach, a clean home environment, being creative (in several ways), programming ... (there is more - just isn't space).

I dislike: people who have to put others down all the time, stupid beer ads on tv, email porn spammers, the urge to abbreviate absolutely everything in emails/on irc, and when people say "its literally" when its not literally at all (eg: "he literally stared in the face of death" - thank you Oprah)


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