If ramblings are not your thing, you may wish to give this section and the Pensieve (my online journal) a miss.

A couple of years ago I sat down the beach one day, and wrote down all the things I wanted for the next year. Not only physical things, but goals and ideas. Anything that would typify where I wanted to be at the end of the next year. I divided it up into sections. When I looked at it again, a year later, I was amazed at how accurate it was. I even said I wanted to replace my car, with another, preferably red (and promptly forgot that) - and 12 months later I had done exactly that - bought a red car.

So, now at the end of my bachelor degree, I'm writing down my dreams and hopes for the future. Not really for anyone else apart from me (not many read this site anyways).

Raina, where would you like to be in a year (end of 2004)?

Home: I would like to move, to some place I love as much as here, but a different house, but I think at the moment that's an impossibility. I would like to move either within this city, or move somewhere completely different, that I love. Failing that, I am planning on sorting this house out. Huge spring clean, and making it more a haven than it already is.

This is where I live at the moment. Paradise.

Finances: I would like to pay off my debts (excluding HECS, that's not going to happen this year) and make enough to be comfortable. Considering my debts total around $700 at the moment, I think this one should be fairly easy. I'm one of those weird people who doesn't really want to be rich. But I would like not to ever have to worry about money :) This is probably not going to be totally possible this year, but I would like to finish the year better off financially than I started. update: I've now paid off that debt - debt-free (apart from HECS) yay me.

Study/Work: I would like to do honours (with the scholarship I have been offered) at Uni, and do well at it. It opens up my choices from there. I would like to work at/for the uni while I am doing my honours year. I would also like to expand my knowledge in some areas, and spend more time on being creative (rather than programming).
Update: Finished honours, and giving study a break for this year. Thinking about doing my PhD next year.

Music: I want to get back into music. Not necessarily for anyone else, but just for me. I want to sing (really sing) again. I want to recover my skills on keyboards and in harmony. I want to take time out for me, to rediscover that half of myself that I cut off 5/6 years ago when I gave away music. (This section was called 'growth' last year).
Update: I have bought myself a great Yamaha keyboard with my tax return, and I am rediscovering my skills. I've even started singing again (just for myself though).

Relationships: No idea. Really no idea. I would like to be happy. But I'm happy as I am, and I could be happy if things were different. So I can't really write anything down for this one.
Update: take a look at my 'men' page under Facets. I guess what this year has done has defined what I would like more precisely. Yes, I'm fussy :)

I guess I have other goals too. Too personal for a public webpage. If you really want to know, you might even have to get to know me as a person. Terrible isn't it. :)


Last modified 22/8/2004

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