Date: 07:25, 15th November
From: Crispy

Message: Woo, I must be one of the first. Top site HippyGirl.
Date: 08:12, 15th November
From: robby

Message: woowoo! hG rox'teh'jox :P~~~
   | |
   | |
   / \
 |----|          <- mm pour me a shot :P~
 |###|   ___
 |###|   \ /

Date: 08:27, 15th November
From: r a d i a t e

Message: now this is not to say "look he was here!" when i'm famous .. coz if you do .. i will talk about "those sunnies" and you wouldn't like that would you!

Date: 18:26, 15th November
From: Willy from NZ

Message: I took a look, think your doing a great job and enjoy having u to talk to. Dont worry bout this nasty guy whos trying to hurt you, just talk to me, I'll make u smile :)) From Willy To The Lady
Date: 22:53, 16th November
From: suey

Message: you are my goddess! okay now that i've signed, you owe me a spank. kthxbye :)~~~
Date: 03:56, 18th November
From: sophie

Message: love it, darl :D *puts on sunnies and poses with you*
Date: 17:52, 23rd November
From: little-genie

Message: Absolutely brilliant page of the best ive ever seen!Known you many many years and still love ya!!!
Date: 21:47, 25th November
From: Christopher Marek

Message: well done babe, well done. not eveyrday that I go to a website and am left laughing right off the bat!! Keep it real, and as always. <3 teh hippygoddess :b~
Date: 00:06, 1st December
From: StormChaser
Email: ummmmI orgets

Message: very nice site you have here :))I will catch you in the #30&40\'s room later scratch ya later
Date: 03:15, 5th December
From: NX

Message: Kinky very Kinky :)
Date: 22:32, 12th December
From: grub

Message: Mmmmmmm tasty pics darlin....i view to marriage, please to wed me? kthnxbi
Date: 02:21, 29th December
From: roger

Message: "I had a fetish for eating paper at this time" <- classic! awesome site raina :)
Date: 12:53, 4th January
From: Jim-D

Message: Nice pics.. thanks for sharing. Thanks for always joking arounda nd being a good friend.
Date: 17:03, 22nd January
From: Jos

Message: Nice homsite for a pretty gal.Stay a hippygodess, hunJos
Date: 22:45, 17th March
From: sahin

Message: Nice site,keep up the good work
Date: 21:11, 16th May
From: Bill Rabe

Message: What a woman! I was lost looking for something on the internet & found your site. I am impressed!Bill - Spokane ,Wa. Usa
Date: 03:12, 30th May
From: George Mavro

Message: I really injoyed reading your website, I didn\'t really take much nocited of it untill i noticed it in my history. I did take the time to have alook at it today on the 30th May 2004 and I would just like say, what a great job you have done in putting this site together. from your friend truly George Mavro aka kaos on IRC
Date: 20:22, 4th June
From: hfis
Email: you@probably.know

Message: Hey, I'm not trolling;This is a really well designed website. Keep up the good work! :)-h
Date: 21:37, 13th June
From: Kreis
Email: kreis@austnet.irc

Message: grouse.
Date: 03:58, 18th June
From: Pete

Message: good work, very interesting.
Date: 17:46, 18th June
From: Ken

Message: :D always a pleasure knowing the gorgeous miss raina!
Date: 12:12, 2nd September
From: George Hill

Message: Hello, I love the picture of where you live, It is beautiful! I have always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand. I have seen lots of pictures, but it only makes me want to see them in person all the more. I Live in Utah, USA. Have you ever traveled here? If not you should, the United States has a beauty all its own.
Date: 08:48, 9th November
From: ed

Message: Love your site even the pinkness of ityou have given me some good ideas for mineno pink lolhope to see your portfolio someday
Date: 10:35, 10th November
From: Raina

Message: G´day, my name is Raina and I´m from Germany.I never met someone else with this name, so I googled for it and found your website. I really like your homepage, especially the picture of you at Currumbin wildlife sanctuary, because I know this place, have been to it last year. On sunday I will leave for Australia again to live and work there for 6 months or longer. Maybe I meet you by chance...Raina
Date: 02:09, 7th January
From: BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books

Message: I liked your site, really informative website, some good links too.
Date: 20:11, 25th January
From: Michael

Message: Pretty cool site. I look forward to seeing more of it.
Date: 07:41, 5th February
From: dfreshman

Message: hi i am new at this. no computer skills

Thanks to some spammers and my lack of time, if anyone wants to be added to this guestbook, they will have to drop me a line (through the contact form) until I can sort out a more spam-proof script. Thanks! :)

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