This section has thoughts on how I view the world, and things that are meaningful to me. It's a mixed bag and some stuff is better than others, but it's all me. I will add stuff as I get to it.

Holiday pictures "Pics from a holiday weekend I had (to relax and unwind)..."

Weather! "There has been some crazy weather lately where I live. Lightning storms, huge ..."

Where I live it's raining (includes pics) - "I love it here so much. I decided to take some ..."

Sunlight on the water (includes pics) - "I have a 'thing' for the sea. I love watching it in all it's moods. My ambition ..."

Men : "I had written down some things about what I would like in a man, were I interested in having another relationship, simply because..."

Affirmations: (New)

Music : "Music has always been a huge part of my life. Even though none of my family played instruments, my..."

Movies : "I tend to use movies for escapism (although occasionally I enjoy movies that are thought-provoking) so don't expect anything earth-shatteringly brilliant in here."

Toys : "I had a friend that came to visit me a few months ago, and expressed disgust that my desk didn't have soft toys on..."


Xmas Lights : "It's Christmas Eve and we just went driving around looking at the Christmas light displays. Some are amazingly detailed... "

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