It's Christmas Eve and we just went driving around looking at the Christmas light displays. Some are amazingly detailed - they must put hours and hours into putting them up and planning them. As we drove around people were sitting out on picnic blankets out the front of houses in amongst the lights, and they said "Merry Christmas" to the people who were stopping to look at the lights.

(each pic links to a bigger version)

This one had lights wrapped around two palm trees, and a display between them as well.

this photo does not do this display justice. It was totally amazing - about 1/2 acre of lights. Each year they spell out "Merry Xmas" on the roof in a different language.

The same house as above right, from a different angle.

This was a whole street where every house had a light display. Some people were parking their cars and walking up the street to look.

The same street as above right, without the cars headlights

This one was pretty spectacular too. Every line of the house was covered.

This guy put every character he could find onto his front lawn. The bright green ute parked in the driveway didn't add to the effect.

"Merry Christmas from Andrew and Michelle"
Lovvvved the 'mushroom" light display in front of this one.

This is called Overkill. This house at Sawtell just seemed to drape lights everywhere. (Most were flashing, so imagine this pic x twice the lights)

A really well done display, this was the last one we saw before we went home. They obviously spent a great deal of time on it.


last modified 26/12/2003


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