I have a 'thing' for the sea. I love watching it in all it's moods. My ambition is to one day afford a house overlooking the sea, with ceiling/floor windows. I know I would be so relaxed in a house like that.

These photos were taken as quick snaps at about 9 am, looking over the harbour where I live. I live about 5 minutes drive from this vantage point.
Each picture links to a larger version.

Looking out to the jetty, along the beach

looking out to the harbour

Looking out to muttonbird island,
with the waves coming in

Sun on the water.

I took some more photos today - not of the harbour this time. These were taken from a point about 10 minutes drive from where I live.

The rocks near the headland

North from the headland,
beaches as far as you can see

another view north

the view south - yes the beach
does go that far ....

another view south



last modified 26/12/2003


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