Pics from a holiday weekend I had (to relax and unwind)...


The entrance to the cabin I stayed in. The whole place was redwood with green trim.

The lounge/dining area just looked straight out onto the valley. It got a bit hot in the afternoons.

This was a hugely dangerous (to my mind) spiral staircase. It was very steep and very curvy, and led to a downstairs bedroom (which I didn't bother using).

The upstairs bedroom, with views over the valley and to Mt Warning in the distance.

The deck, with beautiful valley and mountain views. From the deck you could hear the whipbirds and other wildlife. It was very peaceful.

Views out to the valley.

The valley in all different sorts of light.

Getting on to dusk, with the sun going behind the clouds

Mist and peaceful valley

Another view, with the sun peeking through the clouds.

First thing in the morning, with the light filtering through the trees.

Sunset from the deck, looking out over the valley.

last modified 29/03/2004


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