I tend to use movies for escapism (although occasionally I enjoy movies that are thought-provoking) so don't expect anything earth-shatteringly brilliant in here.

I love fantasy/science fiction, always have, so of course I like The Matrix, the Lord of the Rings trilogy (can't wait for the Return Of the King), Blade Runner, Terminator (concepts are great) and many other fantasy and scifi movies. I loved K-Pax. Battlefield Earth and Final Fantasy deserve to sink without a trace, in my humble, opinion :)

I also don't mind action movies (Long Kiss Goodnight) although I'm not into gore - I can be seen peeking out from behind my fingers at the yucky bits. I dislike horror movies. I remember the first time my (now-ex) partner asked me out, it was to the movies, and I said "sure, as long as its not a horror movie. Guess what sort of movie we saw?

I also have a soft spot for comedy romances, as long as they are well done and not tooo predictable - eg: Bridget Jones' Diary, Notting Hill. One of my favourite movies is 'The Truth About Cats and Dogs' with Janeane Garafolo (very underrated actress imho). I love her lines in that movie.

Oh and I can't finish this page without mentioning animated films - Shrek, Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Monsters Inc and the original Fantasia, which I saw at the drive-in. Oh! And "The Aristocats" and "Lady and the Tramp", which I saw about 10 times as a child hehe.

Last modified 26/12/2003

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