There has been some crazy weather lately where I live. Lightning storms, huge amounts of rain, bright periods of sunshine and even hail.


its hard to see but these came down in about 2 minutes, out of a sunny sky about 5 minutes beforehand

We were told that about 2 blocks away the hail was so heavy that the ground was thick with the hailstones.

One of the hailstones that came down in about 2 minutes this afternoon.


The view as we came over the ridge from being down the beach at Broken Head ... its a little hard to see, but there was like a line of clouds across the sky (and it looked a lot darker than this photo shows).

This is the other side of the horizon (same tree as in the previous pic) - the 'line' across the sky was right across the horizon. We had to drive down under that!

The view at my brother's house, after we had beat the storm home. You can see the line of clouds across the sky. The clouds above were boiling.

This photo probably shows it best. Every so often a lightning strike would fly out of the clouds, but there was still like a line across the sky. There was about 5 minutes between the previous pic and this one.

The sky about 10 minutes before it stormed at my brother's place up north.

The view from his covered verandah - possibly not obvious here but the clouds/sky were green and black and boiling.

And this was the same area the next morning - beautiful!


last modified 01/02/2004


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