sweet sixteen

Gee I look so sweet! Debutante pic - and I was nervous as anything.

It was a good night, but the friend I was partners with ended up leaving with someone else - and the fact that the person was male didnt do wonders for my selfconfidence! Although - I was really innocent at this stage (eg: I had just discovered kissing!) and I wouldn't have known what gay was if it jumped up and bit me .... hmmmmm maybe I should rephrase that. Years later I met him again with his "partner" - then it became a little clearer. It was still a great night.

I was seeing a guy at this time called Ross - sweet guy, lots of fun and I will always be grateful to him for teaching me to drive! I'm sure I gave him grey hair by speeding. We also had a car accident together - I rolled my mothers car onto its side - she wasn't impressed.


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