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So you want to make a webpage. This must have been my number 1 pass-it-on line for about 4 years running. I know of at least three other uni students that passed basic html courses due to this site. If you want to learn html the painless way - go here. Even 9 yr olds can follow the instructions and it gets complicated enough for anyone.

Introduction to HTML: tutorial - but its also web stuff, and its downloadable, for those people who still pay for their internet access by the hour, or would just like to browse offline.

Lighthouse on the web Self-important site that nonetheless has excellent ideas, tips and commentary. I subscribe to their email newsletter and its always good.

efuse Learning about building a better website. Even though their focus is NetObjects Fusion, they have excellent info on choosing colours, planning sites etc.

useit.com Love him or hate him, Jakob Neilson's site is worth reading for anyone who wants to build better sites.

The Bandwidth Conservation Society yes and the name does say it all. It rox. They arent anti-graphics - just wise use of filesize to conserve bandwidth and make pages faster loading... take a look!

David Siegal's site - the guru of web gurus. His "tricks" have now become accepted standards and he's on the cutting edge. Abrasive, funny, and full of information.

Lynda.com the web-safe palette - ring a bell? If it doesnt go look here. Shes the one who discovered it, and shes still the best and clearest reference on web graphics, at least imho. She has a 'free resources section'.

Window Resizer Check out how your site aligns at various resolutions. (try not to say "oh s%#&" too much when you do!)

Hosted Scripts free remotely hosted CGI scripts.

Ideabook Design and marketing ideas for desktop publishing, webdesign and small business. I love this site.

Homepage Tools full of stuff for webpage builders. Includes free message boards and other stuff for your site (beware has popup ads).

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Last modified 16/11/2004

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