12 years old

From ages 6-12 we used to go on "treks" at school holiday time - get in the car (which was a van) and drive to somewhere for a holiday. We came to Coffs Harbour quite frequently for holidays and travelled down to the snow, up to Qld to see my dad's relatives and various other places in between.

This photo was taken on a trek up the east coast to see Dad's relatives. I believe it was at the Currumbin bird sanctuary, which is still famous for its birds. We also visited the Big Pineapple and did all the touristy type things. I guess I was about 11 or 12 in this photo.

I think this was the last time we went on holiday as a family - my parents separated when I was 12. It was sort of a relief at the time. That's my father behind me. My mother was allergic to cameras - something Ive inherited! - and she tended to take all the photos.


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